In Deal Toys

We are HV Recognition and we are psyched to be up and running at full speed with the trust of clients propelling us forward! If you’re wondering who we are, and you’ve been working in the financial, corporate, non-profit, educational, medical, pharmaceutical, entrepreneurial, entertainment, sporting, computing, internet-searchy, or alien/ghosty-findy fields, you’ve worked with some or all of us before. We’ve been around the block and we’ve gotten back together to restart something incredibly new, yet solidly based in our collective and, ahem, aged experience.

We are your awards and recognition pros. Your deals, your outstanding achievements as a team, your outstanding & excelling teammates and leaders. Y’all do great work and yeah, we got you covered. The best ideas, the best service, the best experience.

We’ve got some really cool projects & events coming up in the next couple of months. I’m pretty pumped, and I’ll keep you posted!